In celebration of Weezer releasing their 14th album OK Human (more on that album here), I thought I'd share with you, one of the funniest music bloopers I have ever seen. I call it, the most Epic Middle School Weezer Concert Fail, because it pretty much is a middle school Weezer cover band, who shortly into the Sweater Song... hand an epic fail!

I don't know much about what actually happened in this video. Who were the kids or where it was shot etc. We do know that it was uploaded to youtube by Brian Stuart back in June of 2014 (you know, back when you could go see concerts of any kind). The young musicians start to play Weezer's "Undone (The Sweater Song)", a song not easily performed, and just when the vocals start, show is over! Check the video out below:

I would hope that the band, after getting the keyboard fixed, proceeded to rock out to something a little more uptempo like Buddy Holly or Hash Pipe, but we may never know. The comments on the youtube thread are quite enjoyable.

"The drummer could’ve saved it with a 'buh dum tsss'" - Grant Slow

"That pity clap was rough, keyboardist def still talks about this in therapy" - JB

"The fact that it was a weezer cover just makes it 100x more appropriate and hilarious." - Garfield

"Can we take a second to appreciate the timing of the keyboard dropping being aligned with his singing. Comedic timing at it's finest." - MitchGames247

If you want to destroy my keyboard” - Cycle Lab

All hilarity aside, it takes guts to get on stage and do anything. I hope those kids are still rocking today! And maybe, just maybe, the keyboard player took up the "Keytar".


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