The day of romance is here! Sadly, it's after the BIG DAY with the BIG GAME, so there might be more nacho farts then expected, but it's still a special day! The day to curl up with your special someone and just enjoy them and the time you get to spend with them. Yes you should do that everyday, but today is the day that Hallmark & chocolate companies get to nudge their way into the action. Well besides the obvious, you might have a hard time deciding what to do today. Sure today is meant for "Netflix & Chill" or "Disney Plus & Thrust" or "HBO Max To The MAX" or "NBC's Peacock & C***", but what should you start the experience on? With the world of possibilities, I've decided to help you narrow your viewing options down to my favorite "romance movies"... in other words, what I think are great Valentine's Day films. For the record, no the "Valentine's Day" movie is not on here. I did not care for this movie. These picks are lovey dovey, but are manly enough that guys like 'em too! (at least I did).

Honorable Mention: DEADPOOL
Released on Valentine's Day, it's about a man who after fighting cancer suffers a horrible disfigurement & is trying to gain the courage to reclaim his lost love. (Yes that can be one of the plots of this Ryan Reynolds action X-Men spin-off flick). Heck, even the early trailers promoted it as a "Love Story".

5 - The Proposal
When my wife told me we were watching a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock, I rolled my eyes. Then I saw that it also had Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool pre Deadpool), I was like, alright, this can't be too bad, sure enough, I laughed & loved it! One phrase to sum up this movie... "Quid-Pro-Quo". Plus, it also stars the late great Betty White, enjoy this movie in her memory, if nothing else.

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4 - Ever After
Think of this Drew Barrymore film as a Cinderella reboot. I don't know if I just loved the new take of the classic fairy tale, the beautiful sets and design of the film, or the fact that Drew Barrymore kicks so much ass in this film!

3 - Easy A
A re-telling of the classic tail "The Scarlett Letter" only done in modern times & in the lives of teenagers. A coming of age tale staring Emma Stone that has a butt load of laughs, a heart felt message about bullying, and true love.

2 - 50 First Dates
To be fair, damn near any Drew Barrymore film could be on this list, especially the ones that she co-stared with Adam Sandler. This one tells the tale of creating & falling in love in one day, and having to repeat that, day after day after day.

1 - The Princess Bride
If you don't know about this movie... I don't know what to tell you. It's the story of Wuv... twue Wuv! Happy Valentine's Day!


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