As much as I hate social media (let's face it, it's made many people less social), the one aspect that is pretty awesome is how it never forgets! I was quite surprised when on my Facebook timeline it popped up a certain memory. One of the proudest days and biggest achievements in my 22+ years in radio, interviewing my idol, the great "Weird Al" Yankovic!

Al was releasing his album Mandatory Fun, which was his first album to reach number one on the billboard charts. I'm not saying I had anything to do with that, but I did buy 3 copies of the album, and it was the only interview he's done with me before an album's release. So yeah, I'm sticking that feather in my hat! I was asked if I wanted to do the interview about a week earlier, so of course, I was a nervous wreck, trying to figure out what to ask him, and how to be "weird & cool" less "weird & awkward".

The day came, I called the phone number and a studio technician (who sounded just like Al) picked up. He made sure I am who I am, told me some ground rules (mainly dealt with the album, what songs I could play, when the interview would go on air). Then I was put on hold for the longest 30 seconds of my life. What came next, is, like I stated before, one of my happiest & proudest moments in radio.

Take a listen to the Timmy & "Weird Al" Interview that aired on KATS 7/15/2014!


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I have actually met "Weird Al" two times in person. Both were at the Central Washington State Fair when he performed in 1996 and again in 2007. If you've ever been in a "meet & greet", then you know they're very fast paced. This was awesome, because I got 5 minutes to talk to him about whatever I wanted. I feel I used the time well, and even got a couple extra minutes (not aired) where I got Al to record some radio station liners. Definitely another bucket list item checked off.

The First Time I Heard The "Weird One"

My first introduction to Al was with his 1985 album Dare To Be Stupid. My dad had it on vinyl and would play it for little four-year-old me often. I was actually introduced to the song "YODA" before I ever saw or could comprehend Star Wars. I'll tell you, if you're young, and have no idea who Luke, the force, Darth Vader, or Yoda is and you hear that song... with your little kid brain, you're going to think the song is about a bully. Making someone lift rocks while standing on their head, and then lecturing to them. Sounds very cruel to someone who knows only the muppets.


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