As I was walking out of the store on Tieton this morning, a gentlemen almost bumped into me. He excused himself & apologized, to which I said, "No worries, it's all good. We didn't collide so no harm done." He replied, "Oh I know that voice, Timmy's Basement!" I laughed, and told him how he had a great memory, Timmy's Basement ended around 7 years ago (to the best of my memory). I wish I would have gotten his name, he said he rocks out to KATS & missed hearing me at night. I said how I'm now on in the mornings with Todd starting at 7a, to which I'll paraphrase his response, "That early? Wow, that sucks." He's not wrong. When you're a night dweller, 7am is far too early, possibly for him, and back in the day during the basement, for me as well.

I wish I had kept a better time frame of when the "show" shifts changed. I know I inherited "Altered Rock" from the great Jessika James sometime in 2001. When the decision was made to kill Altered Rock many fans protested, called the radio station, sent emails, bombarded our poor front desk lady visits and even light hearted (I hoped) threats. The night that altered rock ended, Ron Harris (the program director at the time, and still a great friend) went on the radio to make the official announcement of the end of the show, and during his on-air speech I cut him off with a "Timmy Scream" and got to tell him off on air and take back my show (all planned). To me it really felt like a scene from WWE when Stone Cold Steve Austin flipped off Vince McMahon. The first song Timmy's Basement played was "Du Hast" by Rammstein. During Timmy's Basement, we played alternate versions of songs, deep cuts, live shows, pre-releases, and if I knew the boss was asleep, I even slipped in some "Weird Al" and Insane Clown Posse. I had a blast and loved every night of it. For those of you who still remember, thank you so much. The best comment I ever heard about my show, came to me from a friend of a friend on facebook that said, "if she doesn't know what Timmy's Basement is... she's too young for you bro!." I love the fact that my friend EJ Ramos uses my radio legacy as a barometer for jail bait!

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