So, I got off air today, and picked up my wife in order for us to go finish our taxes. We get to Yakima Tax Services and are unable to find a parking spot. I let my wife hop out so she can go in and pay and start signing the paperwork while I find a parking spot. A couple of minutes later, I come into the office to see my wife with the receptionist Shonna Smith, going through Shonna's phone. I was curious, and Shonna just looked at me and smiled. She asked if it was okay if she told my wife a good story. To which I said, if it's about me, I've probably already told it to her, but nope, she had not heard it. This picture was taken when Disturbed came to Yakima and John Moyer came to Ted Brown Music. KATS had a meet & greet with the bassist. Her son Brayden was a big fan... of Disturbed! A HUGE fan of Todd & Timmy! From what Shonna told me, the KATS crew was the big draw for her lil rocker that day!

To be honest, I didn't remember the event, and even questioned if I was really there, and then she showed me this awesome picture of the three of us with former KATS jock Kelly West. A picture is worth a thousand words and a million memories. Thank you Shonna for this blast from the past and for jogging my memory. I hope Brayden is still just as fond of us today, as he was 9 years ago!

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