Proving that the old adage of “only stupid criminals get caught” is true, a would-be robber who was persuaded to apply for a job at the adult video store he was trying to shake down found himself in handcuffs after he ever-so-helpfully put his real name on the application.

Cody Conner, 17, barged into Cupid’s Corner in DeBary, Fla. on Wednesday, brandishing a weapon and demanding money. But he must not have looked terribly threatening, because the clerk on duty didn’t freak out — she simply asked him why he was doing it.

When he told her he needed the cash to help out his financially-strapped grandparents, the clerk said she had a better idea: she’d help him get a job at the store instead.

After they sat down and filled out the application together, they shared a hug and a cigarette before the clerk said she needed to go next door for a soda. And that’s when she called the police.

Conner was gone when they got there, but since he’d put his real name and address on the application, it didn’t take long to track him down. He was arrested but says the gun, which was never found, was just a realistic-looking BB gun and that he never intended to shoot anyone.

He should have been clued in she was going to rat him out when they got to the section of the application about being ‘convicted of a crime.’


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