Besides day-old pizza, Thanksgiving leftovers are the best. Starting from the turkey all the way to pumpkin pie. We usually eat them for at least three days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are Thanksgiving leftovers. Why?Because we used all of our money to buy the Thanksgiving dinner, so all we have to eat are those leftovers. HA!

But I will never be opposed to eating pumpkin pie for breakfast with a glass of milk. Yummy!

What could you make with the leftovers from Thanksgiving besides the typical "just pull out of fridge and heat" idea?

Turkey and green bean scrambled eggs are bomb. With some heated-up gravy poured over the mashed potatoes. This is really good.

Try a pumpkin pie and jelly sandwich. I use strawberry jelly and it is so very good.

Or heat up mashed potatoes and cut up yams to top it off. It changes the way they all taste, but it adds up to one yummy snack.