Today is international Happy Hour day, it's the very first-time happy hour was ever introduced. Thanks to Ireland back in 1746 where an Irish Pub held the first-ever happy hour.

Not only were the Irish happy enough to bring it to the United States but now it's a standard staple in our everyday lives, heck even Taco Bell has its own happy hour. In this list, we'll take a look at some of the places in the Yakima valley that you can get your happy hour on.

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Sports Center from 3pm - 6pm

Sports Center is a very well-known spot, of course, they have a happy hour but the thing that makes them a little different does not only do you get cheaper drink specials but food as well, definitely worth checking out.

Cowichie Canyon Kitchen

The first place I'd ever eaten at in Yakima, it blew my mind just how delicious everything was so, of course, I had to go back. I quickly learned their happy hour was from 3 to 6 pm and didn't disappoint. Take advantage of the deals on their mouth-watering food and stiff drinks.

McGuire's Irish Restaurant and Pub

Since happy hour originated in Ireland, what better way to celebrate than heading over to McGuire's? Authentic Irish food and delicious cold beers on tap their Happy hour is a deal and a half if you ask me. Happy Hour is 7 Days a week and worth taking advantage of. The first happy hour is 4 to 6 pm then the second is 11 to close. Did I mention they're open till 2 am?

WaterFire Bar and Grill

Hands down one of the best restaurants in the game also have a happy hour, with a full-fledged bar and a stocked menu, you can't go wrong spending your happy hour here. From 3-5 pm you can take advantage of all their drink and food specials!

Drink'n Games

If you're a gamer, love nostalgia, or are just a nerd this bar is perfect for you, videogames cover the entire bar from retro to a few new games as well. You can get the full effect by checking them out during Happy hour! From 5-7 pm get all the deals you can on food and drinks, save enough up to go get the new high score on street fighter.

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