Trends come and go. Mini versions, big versions, various trending flavors and so much more. It's hard to keep up sometimes. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I learned there was a freeze-dried candy community selling freeze-dried versions of some of your favorite treats. I had to get a variety to test them out.

I grew up with the idea of astronaut ice cream, the freeze-dried ice cream you pay a premium for to have ice cream with an odd, almost styrofoam texture. I still love it. And I had heard of the freeze-dried Skittles recently. They were interesting. When you freeze-dry something it changes the texture. It puffs up and becomes a light, crunchy treat but the flavor is all still there. This local company had a variety so I grabbed a few things to test just for fun. Here's what I thought of each one.

Freeze-Dried Gummy Worms
These were very odd. Again, they tasted like gummy worms but felt like I was eating Cheeto Puffs by the texture of them. Still, very good.

Freeze-Dried Salt Water Taffy
These were very interesting. They were puffy balls with various flavors from the different flavors of salt water taffy. It's not chewy at all, it was very disolvable and when I bit into it dissolved almost like cotton candy. It was a fun experience.

Freeze-Dried Starburst
Another one that wasn't chewy at all. It was a crunchy treat that tasted like Starburst because, well, it was Starburst. Just freeze-dried.

Freeze-Dried Twinkies
I just had to try these. They freeze-dried full Twinkies. We tried them, it was a lot of crunch because of the sheer size of them. It was fun but not my favorite. Still, fun they made a crunchy Twinkie.

Freeze-Dried Peach Rings
Admittedly, I don't care for peach-flavored things so I got these for my kid. But I'm sure it's the same texture as the gummy worms.

Super fun and looking forward to seeing what else they can freeze-dry. I guess we'll see.

I purchased these on You may also see these for sale locally at farmer's market or various live events like Selah Community Days and more.

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