Now that it's been almost 5 months since the lock down started (I know that on August 23rd, it'll be 5 months for the Radio Station Offices being closed), the best ways to fight COVID-19 are still being debated. It seems just when you know what's best, what to do, how to safeguard yourself and others, BAM, new research says, that doesn't work. The mask debate is a big one. Some are of the opinion that, "hey, it's a minor inconvenience, if by me wearing a mask, I can save one life, then no problem." There are others that this "a test of governmental control, and people who blindly follow the rules, might just be sheep led to the slaughter." Many people are like me, and are kind of in the middle of the whole thing. I'll wear a mask in public, if I'm going to be around other people, (it really helps me not have to fake smile at them). But if I'm by myself, outside walking my dog, or in my car by myself or with my wife, no mask, I don't see the point in it. That being said, the old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" and the need for masks (just go to any store now) is needed, so let the inventors play!

A very health conscience inventor, who goes by the YouTube handle Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced, has created a device that allows you to put a mask on from a distance. Yes, the idea is to mask people who may not be wearing one, while maintaining 6 feet social distance is an awesome idea. Just remember, before you get an idea about what to do at the grocery store, remember, pointing something at someone, and then hurling a projectile at their face, is still technically assault. (Sorry, had to put that disclaimer in there). That being said, how "Murican" is this, let's fix the mask situation with a gun. All and all, the guy has talent, the "Mask Gun" actually works, is badass, and you can see by the video below, it works! And yes, all the people he interacts with are volunteers!

On his Twitter page, @AnyTechnology, he says jokes how his next guns will be: "Gun that shoots houses onto homeless people, Gun that shoots school textbooks at kids. Money Gun" All I can say is, judging by his past inventions and this one, if anyone could make a textbook gun, it'd be this guy! Way to go Allen Pan!

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