We've had a surge of retro systems preloaded with games these past couple of years. We had the NES Classic, the SNES Classic, we've seen Atari, Intellevision, Coleco and more, all just plug 'n play and good to go with a bunch of games you don't need to replace. Recently Sony came out with their much anticipated PlayStation Classic which gives you a mini version of their original 1995 PlayStation preloaded with 20 hit games. But is it worth it?

The games aren't bad, but not the greatest assortment, either. Sure we get classic games like Twisted Metal, CoolBoarders 3, Demolition Derby, Tekken 3 and more. There are a few, inevitably, that you will probably never touch and that's fine, too.

The issue comes that some of these games are running the European releases of these games. They run at a different power than us so on our system it'll appear and feel that they're running slower than they should. Not that they're in slow-motion or anything, but if you're used to playing Tekken 3 and love everything about it, you'll probably notice it's a bit slower than it should be. If you're not as familiar, then you'll be fine.

Still, at a $99.99 price tag, it may sound a bit extreme of a price tag. You could find an old PlayStation and just buy the games you need. Or use a PlayStation 2 or Playstation 3 as both play PlayStation 1 games and find the games you need for around the same price. I like the convenience so I like it, but you may not. All things to keep in mind.

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