With very strong signs that the economy is improving, and vaccinations should be available to everyone by the time summer rolls around, you can be sure that there will be a surge of interest in what Washington State and the Yakima Valley have to offer to those who may have been displaced during the pandemic and are looking to relocate and refresh their lives.

For example, as we're celebrating Women's History Month, out comes the news that Washington ranks as one of the top 10 states to be a woman.

We surveyed listeners a short time back about what businesses they'd like to see come to Yakima in 2021. Suggestions were many, and it occurred to me that if locals were asking for these well-known and loved stores and restaurants to set up shop here, it stands to reason that those moving here may well feel the same way.

Sifting through dozens of suggestions, we've distilled the list down to the TOP 7.

7 Businesses Yakima is Asking for in 2021

Now, you can't argue with success and these 7 businesses were at least successful in garnering the most mentions in our quest to find out which ones Yakima Valley residents we're wishing for this year.

My two cents on these choices would be, first of all, I agree that having some type of Water Theme Park around here would be great. If one can do well in cloudy and rainy Federal Way, we sure can offer 4 months of wet and hot fun here. Great to build tourism and get folks spending money in our valley.

Trader Joe's is fun and we shopped there frequently when I lived in Seattle. Frankly, I'm fine with just making a TJ run each time I visit my daughter.

The Nordstrom idea was nice. I know the store the used to be downtown has been gone for twenty years or so. Not sure our area is any better fit for the store now.

Ikea - not for me, thank you. I know so many people love it but I'm not entirely sure they're not just suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. My wife trapped me in that store once and I thought I'd never get out. Mystery meatballs and lava lamps aside, I cringe at the thought of putting together one more piece of cra......um, furniture from that place. I'd much rather slip into a great local store and buy something already well-built and be out and satisfied in minutes.

Dick's Burgers. Frequented them as well when I was a Seattle dweller. The location pictured was their Lake City location which was walking distance from our townhouse. But, I have several spots already here in town that I enjoy more, so I'm not eager to see Dick's arrive. They are moving east, as a new Bellevue location is coming. Close enough.

IHOP. A short drive to Ellensburg once in a while is just fine for me. Again, I feel we have several local eateries that are just great, and frankly, they all need our support now more than they do extra competition.

Chick-fil-A. These sandwiches are fantastic and I admire the company a great deal. I'd say yes to them arriving here because at least then, everyone would stop asking for it. They were the #1 requested of these top 7.

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