There's been a trademark lawsuit in the courts for a while. A lawsuit that many of us nerds have been keeping a close eye on. Well, late last week, a verdict in San Diego Comic-Con's trademark of the "Comic-Con" name was finally reached with the judge awarding $20,000 (plus legal fees) in damages against the Salt Lake Comic Con. The case cited how Salt Lake's Con was infringing on San Diego's trademark according to

General Atmosphere - Day 2 - Comic-Con International 2014

Salt Lake's main argument was how the dictionary term for "con" is very generic, but San Diego's con has been going on since the 70's, and does have an established history with the "comic-con" slogan. A similar lawsuit has been heating up in Boston dealing with the Anime area of nerd culture and naming issues.

Where this hits home is the question of Yakima Valley's home gown Central City Comic Con. How will they be affected? Will they ignore the court ruling and see how long they can fly under the radar? Will they do a name change? If so, I might offer "Central City Comicvention" or "The Gathering of the Central City Nerds" or "Central City Comic Cingdom" (kingdom only with a C). What every the decision, only time will tell.

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Note: Timmy uses the term "Nerd" lovingly and loves all things Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Trek, BSG, Halo, Rick & Morty etc. I am one of you.


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