Today (April 28th) marks National Superhero Day! What does that mean? I don't know! I didn't even know it was a thing until this morning on-air, when out of the blue I was asked who my favorite superhero is! I said "The Tick!" (pictured above), and was met with stunned silence. I was expected to say Batman, or Spider-Man, or The Flash, or The Hulk, or Superman or Deadpool or Ghost Rider or Ironman or Captain America or Green Lantern or Wonder Woman or Daredevil or Zatanna or Wolverine or Groot or Nightwing... let's face it, there is no lack of superheroes in today's world! But I said, my favorite hero, The Tick!

So what is National Superhero Day? Is it a day where everyone cosplays? Where we all take up a collection and give to poor Peter Parker so he can take Aunt May to lunch? Do we all go to our local comic book store and drop some hard earned money on some floppies? (I did do that today, in case you were curious). Well, according to National Day, you can do any and all of that. In fact, it flat out is just a day to celebrate heroes. Not just the ones that are in the comics, television and big screen, but the real life ones that are in our day to day society. Fire Fighters, Medical workers, Police, Military! In my opinion, anyone who is helping someone else, can be a hero. In this day and age, we need them more than ever, and for the real life ones, it's tougher than ever. But thank you for being there, and being a role model to many!

Now, why the big blue & dumb boy scout? I.E. The Tick! Why did I say him as my favorite superhero! I've always loved comedy, and The Tick, created by Ben Edlund , is a superhero who is all about getting the job done, but is written with plenty of jokes along the way! He was originally created as a mascot for Ben's company's news letter, and quickly gained notoriety. When I was first introduced to him, it was as a cartoon on fox. He, in a way was a parody of every other superhero. Strong as the Hulk, but saw the world through the eyes of a child! Enjoyed all the beauty and everything that life has to offer. But had no problem punching through a building to stop a bad guy! He knew the difference between right and wrong, and helped convey that message to the world! It in a way was his destiny! Spooooon!!!

“Destiny dressed you this morning my friend, and now fear is trying to pull off your pants. If you give up, if you give in, then you're gonna end up naked with fear just standin' there laughing at your dangling unmentionables.”
-The Tick

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