I love the concept of “Throwback Thursday” and seeing all of the vintage pics on social media sites.
Personally, I think it says a lot about a person who is willing to share, in many cases, photos of themselves that they might otherwise consider embarrassing. It’s especially interesting when it’s of a person that one hasn’t necessarily known their entire life.

“Really? That’s YOU?” I’m sure you’ve thought or uttered that phrase when looking at an old picture of someone else.

What’s even better is when the picture features others who are unwittingly participating in “Throwback Thursday.” With that, here is my submission this week:

T.S.M./Todd E. Lyons
T.S.M./Todd E. Lyons

This was taken at the house in West Valley (Yakima) that I grew up in circa 1982.  Me and my brother Justin (left) getting our game faces on before a Grid Kids game on a Fall Saturday morning.  Our team, the Scouts, were far from being No. 1!  I'm not so sure if we ever even won a game but how would I know?  I spent most of my football career playing guard and end, as in, "Lyons! Guard the water at the end of the bench!"

Happy #TBT

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