Two years ago, I sat in on the morning show with Todd E. Lyons Esq., filling in. I've done it in the past and I've known Todd for over 20 years. That morning turned into a couple of days. Which turned into a couple of weeks, then months, then a year, then two years, and holy crap now three years of very early mornings, waking up before the butt crack of dawn, lots of rock music and lots of laughter! Thank you!

Two years ago, on our "first birthday" I talked about my adventures of leaving radio, and getting dragged back in. In completing my third year of radio mornings, waking up before the sun has gotten easier. Trying to be quick-witted and funny before the caffeine has kicked in is still a challenge, though. A challenge that I greet every morning, and I am thankful for it. Although, I must say, it has been getting easier! Especially now that I'm trying to kick caffeine!

This past year Todd and I have continued to fine-tune the morning show. Not only rockin' your cracks out of the sacks, but entertaining the masses with bits like WTF & Shower Thoughts, to 8:20 Funny with the KATS Stand-Up Spotlight and enlisting our pocket pals to give some help with Tough Love w/Siri & Alexa. I will say, this past year with the pandemic has not been an easy one. Luckily, Warner Bros. Entertainment & Viera's Bakery & Deli has stepped up big time and helped us with Prizes on the Wheel of Goodness, every morning. So even though our office has been closed for over a year now, giving out prizes has not stopped!

TSM/Sarah Johnson
TSM/Sarah Johnson

We've had sickness, separation, anxiety, bloating, lock down, broken computers... but we've also had each other to count on, and the rock & audience to carry us on! Thank you Yakima, for letting the Todd & Timmy Show celebrate another anniversary! Here's to a great (or at least a better) year ahead!


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