Moving here from California, I didn't know what to expect living in Yakima. So far, I am loving it! Here are The Top 5  Things that surprised me moving here. Enjoy!


1. Unprotected Left Hand Turns

Being in the car can be a waste of time. As someone who loves being productive, I find waiting at red lights frustrating. However, here in Washington, unprotected left hand turns keep traffic moving. When I see that amber arrow telling me "turn left dude", it just gives me a small smile on my face. Waaaayyyyyyyy better than waiting for 4-6 minutes at every red light in California and some of them lights are only 100 yards apart at times! Cali could learn a lot from The State of Washington.

Townsquare Media / John Taylor

2. Coffee Huts on EVERY Corner

At first I thought they were just little shacks on random lots - then I realized, those coffee huts are on EVERY DANG corner here in Yakima! There are over 45 coffee shops in town! That includes one where the baristas wear little clothing (on First St). and DOES NOT include all the Starbucks in the area. Yakamins / Yakamites / Yakamonians are fueled by coffee, yet ya'll are soooooo chill. How does that math work?

Bale Breaker

3. BEER!

And lots of it! 75% of the worlds hops originate here. And some great brews are made right here in Yakima. Props to Bale Breaker and so many others for representing Yakima with their awesome products. I live right around the corner form Yakima Public House and have almost made this a second home. Props to Rick and the gang there for keeping us hops hydrated!

4. Cheaper Housing!

Are you kidding? My last place in Monterey California, was a 2 bedroom, 800 sq. ft. for $1900 A month! Sure I was near the ocean, but I never went to the beach anyway. My housing costs were almost cut in half moving to Yakima! Not to mention buying a house starts at $500,000 for a shack on the bad side of town in Cali. Decent side of town? $600k. Ugh.

Although the downside is it seems I am spending that money on beer. Lots of beer. At least I am supporting the local economy.

Katie Kolve

5. Everyone Is Soooo Chill

I am puzzled how a town filled with coffee shops, can have a population where everyone is so chill. Despite all that coffee raging in our veins, everyone is pretty chill and cool. Quick to apologize if you run into each other at a store or holding the door open for folks. I love the chill laid back vibe here in Yakima!


Thank you to all for making me feel so welcome here in Yakima. Feels good to be home.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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