Holy Snowmageddon, Batman! Have you had enough of Old man Winter yet? It snowed off and on since Thursday evening, bringing several inches of snow to the area.

The last of a three-pack hit Sunday overnight into Monday morning, making roadways hazardous. Since Friday, Kennewick Police responded to no less than 45 collisions.

According to the Kennewick Police Department Facebook Page, City of Kennewick plows were clearing area roadways all night long, here.

Since Monday is President's Day roads are lighter than normal. If you don't need to travel, it's recommended that you don't. Allow City crews to continue clearing the roads. If you DO have to drive, please allow plenty of extra time to reach your destination safely. And, make sure your vehicle windshields are clear of snow.

There's one more chance for snow this Thursday into the evening. However, there is a silver lining. This Friday we'll be in the mid-40's. And, next Friday we should be in the low 50's.

In the meantime...we have a few days to enjoy the snow. Where are the best Tri-Cities sledding areas?

Sledding Girl - Expressing Joy

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