If you thought reboots were only for movies ... well, shows like "Fuller House" & "The Connors" prove you wrong. Although, some may say those two examples aren't really reboots, just continuations of the shows we grew up loving. Well, a show we loved and feared is getting the reboot treatment ... although you could just say new life instead of a reboot. It's not like we're going to write NEW mysteries. But they plan to explore new mysteries when Netflix brings back "Unsolved Mysteries."

Who could forget getting the crap scared out of you after a great UFO or abduction story, or peaking out your window after hearing about a murder taking place in the Northwest. Yes, the late great Robert Stack scared the hell out of many people throughout the '90s. Let's hope they get someone who can stack up to Mr. Stack.

One of the great things about the original run from '87 to 2002, is that it not only give us a peek at long going open cases, it also gave us viewers a chance to help investigators solve and close those long-lost mysteries. No time frame has been announced for the shows eventual return, but Netflix has announced that it will "haunt a new generation." I'm already hooked!

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