Are you ready to have some free fun with the kids? Valley Mall's Kids Club is back for the summer and week two is all about the red, white and blue!

Every Wednesday into August at Vallet Mall in Union Gap

Once inside Valley Mall head to center court and take the stairs, elevator or escalator to the second level. From 11 am until 1 pm your children can enjoy all sorts of free activities.

First, you'll want to make sure you snag a reusable bag that changes weekly depending on the theme. Inside it's filled with all sorts of items like puzzles, erasers, stickers and more.

The bags are suitable for ages two through 11 and if you're unable to able to attend, send another family and let the staff know! While supplies last, it truly is free on your Wednesday.

The set-up allows for plenty of room to enjoy coloring and surveying the contents of each week's bag. There is also a selfie wall and the chance, depending on the week, to get your face painted or choose an air-brushed tattoo! All free courtesy of Valley Mall.

There will be music and a live broadcast from 107.3 KFFM from 11 - am to 1 pm so make sure to let me, Sarah J, know if you want to be on the radio!

Make sure to download the app and take advantage of free tickets to the Dye Hard 5K, taking place this Saturday evening at SOZO Sports Complex or in person this Wednesday at Valley Mall's Kids Club

Valley Malls Kids Club


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