When I was a kid I played with Tonka trucks. If Dozer Day was around then I would have been in heaven! It wasn't around in 1969, but it's here now, back at State Fair Park this Saturday and Sunday (March 19-20). It's an annual event full of family fun sponsored by the Central Washington Home Builders Association that "puts kids – actually on and operating -- dump trucks, dozers and excavators!"

According to a CWHBA press release, "The Dozer Day event actually brings real large construction equipment to the event, and lets kids get on the gear and run the equipment! (Naturally, we have qualified operators on the machines with them, so the kids sit in the operator’s laps, but nonetheless, it’s a real hit". The Dozer Day slogan is: “Where kids Drive!”

But this fun event only happens because of citizens in the Yakima area who generously donate their time to be volunteers. The good news is they take care of the folks who help out, "In addition to the satisfaction of supporting this great event, all volunteers will receive free admission, snacks and beverages. More information about volunteering, including an online registration form, is available at https://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/346429404016 or by contacting Carly Faul at Central Washington Home Builders Association: cfaul@cwhba.org or 509-454-4006."

To find out more about this exciting event logon to www.cwhba.org.

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