You've watched them on youtube, youporn, pornhub, porntube, yousitonmyfacebook ... well now you can meet them in real life! I'm talking about webcam models. You'll have a chance to see your favorite local hero from a place that's not so local in Miami from June 4-7 at the first-ever "Camming Con."

Now that may sound like a good idea: "Hey, let's have a big convention with all the hot webcam models from around the world"... but I'm kinda worried about the other side of the screen. All the creepy people who watch these web-celebs in their darkened basements at 3:29 in the morning while eating a beefy burrito with a pepto milkshake.

Let's hope security is well in stock, and maybe a "Camming Con 2" will happen next year. They could call the security checkpoints the "Buffering Zones."

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