We've heard of "Movember" where people vow to not shave for the entire month. I've seen different takes on October. My friend just completed "InkTober," where he drew a picture of a specific theme every day of the month. It was fun, and helped his creativity and his art skills. Well, now there's a movement thrusting into popularity, or in hopes to NOT thrusting. It's called "No Nut November," and I'm not really sure why it exists. The closest thing I could find is how it can help build self esteem and willpower to not masturbate, have sex or "not nut" in any way shape or form for the whole month. Some have gone public with their pledge to not bust a nut for the entire month to help raise awareness for prostate cancer -- kind of a not-as-wet ALS ice bucket challenge. Others do it to prepare for "Destroy Your Dick December." You can take a guess what that is all about.

Whatever your reason to participating in "No Nut November," according to the experts at PornHub, many are failing.

According to Pornhub's Twitter page, as of Nov. 1, 100 million have already fallen. Not sure how they got that number, but knowing how the internet and phone cameras track everything nowadays, It wouldn't surprise me if Pornhub and the CIA know exactly how many of us have failed. To the few soldiers still in the race ... be strong!

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