If you watched the presidential election debate this past Tuesday night (9/29), then you know, in simple terms, it was chaotic. There was interrupting, hard questions for some, easy questions for others. Back peddling, bullying, disrespect, and when it comes down to it, not following the rules set forth by the moderator. Which, most agree, Chris Wallace, could have done a better job at wrangling President Trump & former Vice President Biden.

The one great thing that came out of the debates were the reactions. Most very negative. Even some celebrities got on board their opinions on presidential interrupting match. My favorite example is Mark Hamill, better known as Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars franchise. Check Hamill's comments as well as other funny celebrity reaction tweets here.

By far the best reaction to the presidential debate comes in the form of a "what if" video from the great "Weird Al" Yankovic. With help from YouTube page Schmoyoho, one of the best "Songify" groups out there, they recreated the debates in an epic showdown, moderated by the weird one himself, Al Yankovic. Taking clips from the debate, adding a little autotune, some wind and fire effects, and a catchy song about the different apocalyptic events we've experienced so far in 2020, we got something special. The song titled "We're All Doomed" was produced with Aaron Beaumont, songification by Alexander Tso & Kevin Stabinski, with additional help from Atul Singh, Jon Na, Noah Clark, and the production team at ERB. Check out this epic video, below, and join me in the new campaign... "Weird Al":2020!

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