For those of you who tend to read rock website blogs instead of listening to rock radio, you may just now be finding out that I'm back on the very airwaves that I have called my second home for many years. I retired from radio (so I thought) back on May 15, 2015. I remember that day well, it was the day after B.B. King joined the heavenly blues band in the sky. It was especially meaningful to me, because my last song as a "paid employee" was "The Thrill Is Gone" by the recently late blues master. It seemed like a fitting end to a 16-year broadcasting career. I left without burning any bridges and taking many memories and laughs with me.

I stayed in touch with the station, popping on from time to time to help out, promote something, or just to get out the radio demons. Well, almost three years later, the stars aligned, the force was strong, and I answered the bridge troll's three questions correctly. Now I'm back on the air. From the graveyard shift and The Basement to the work release program and now co-hosting The Big Show with Todd, it seems like I've run the radio gauntlet.

I've had some emails and Facebook messages asking me what I've been doing in the past three years. Not a damn lot. I beat Mass Effect Andromeda & Mortal Kombat X on XBox One. So that was a big highlight. On the other side of the spectrum, I've been keeping busy on the comedy scene by doing standup, hosting here and there throughout the Yakima Valley and performing off-the-cuff improv comedy with Manic Thunder currently at the 4th Street Theatre!

On a personal note, I read Batman comics, watch "Family Guy," "Rick & Morty," and "Law & Order SVU." I also enjoy all sorts of movies and hang with my wife Stephanie and my dog Rusty ... life is good!


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