I saw this pic on Facebook and it got me thinking, "what makes good music - personal preference or otherwise?"

I'm one of those guys who say "Oh, I like everything," and that's mostly true. I like songs more than I like genres of music so I'll be on an 80s kick, then I'll listen to nothing but early 90s rock and, from there, move on to something.

But what do you think?

And what about guys who sing into computers to make themselves sound good. Should they get the recognition for being in the public eye or should the guy using the computer, putting everything together, get all the credit?

I remember when Milli Vanilli shocked the world when people found out they were a fraud, but were they really? It was someone else singing their songs while they lip synced. Someone should take credit for how good the songs were (opinion-based) and never mind the two dudes that were dancing in tight pants.

I'm still a big fan of the classic set-up. Lead singer who may or may not play an instrument, guitarists, drummer - so long as they're really playing their instruments. But I don't mind if Skrillix wants to hang out with Korn every once in a while - it adds a new sound to someone who already rocks.

What are your thoughts?

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