Did you hear about the guy in China who had to have an inch-long cockroach removed from his skull?

Apparently he tried to use pesticide to get rid of it after failing to grab it with tweezers. In his EAR. (For future reference, use olive oil, not pesticide.)

I have spent my fair amount of time in emergency rooms, but I cannot for the life of me imagine pouring pesticide into my ear.

I have been in there for some weird reasons, though.


A couple of years ago I ended up with "zombie eyes" when my kids got strep throat. Yes, that lovely eye wasn't from pink eye, but infected sinuses caused by the strep virus. My throat didn't even hurt.

In the past I have gone to the ER thinking I was having a stroke because I had memory problems, headaches, motion sickness and trouble seeing. It turned out I had a huge glob of earwax built up in my inner ear canal that took a $5 ear cone to fix. That is of course AFTER my MRI, EKG, and blood work and the huge bill I got from the hospital.

So, please tell me I am not the ONLY hypochondriac and weird infection victim in Yakima! Have you ever had to go to the ER for a strange reason?

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