Every weekday morning, 94.5 KATS brings you the Todd & Timmy show! On this very show, you get such entertaining features as The Impossible Question! Your wacky wetness with Todd & Timmy's Shower Thoughts! The Things You Need To Know, as well as your Daily Dose of WTF! But probably the most important thing on the Todd & Timmy show is simply... The Wheel of Goodness!

This week & next week, on the fabulous Wheel of Goodness, Todd & Timmy are giving you a chance to spin and win a $25 Gift Card to Wendy's! The easiest game on the radio, just became the tastiest game on the radio! Just listen to the Todd & Timmy show in the 7am hour, and when you hear to cue to call in, be the first to do so at 509-972-KATS (5287). You'll be given a chance to spin, as well as win. Sure there's a "Lose a Turn" & a "Bankrupt" wedge on the Wheel, but you shouldn't worry about those!

TSM/Tim Hubert
TSM/Tim Hubert

Todd & Timmy got to taste their new breakfast sandwiches last week, and now they're giving you the chance to taste them as well, with a $25 Gift Card! Now you don't have to spend your prize on breakfast, but with $25 extra in your pocket, why not!?! After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Might as well enjoy it, while you listen to the most important radio show of the day, Todd & Timmy, on 94.5 KATS! PLUS!!! You never know when you'll get a bonus, secret contest via our free mobile KATS App!

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