We all can't just "go in the suit" like Tony Stark did in "Iron Man 2" (clip below), and with the latest Marvel movie coming in at slightly over three hours long, some people (like my wife) are worried about when they'll be able to have a quick bathroom break. Well, early reports of "Avengers: Endgame" are saying there is a perfect time to make like a resurrected Quicksilver and bolt to the bathroom. I will try to explain this with a very, very, very minimum of spoilers.

About an hour into the movie, there's a scene where (small spoilers, Iron Man makes it back to Earth and Pepper Potts survived the snap). Tony and Pepper are in a fancy living room and Tony sits next to her on a couch. RUN TO THE BATHROOM! Don't Pee Yourself! Whatever it takes! This scene has a little bit of comedy in it, but is not important to the plot. The next scene that is important, deals with two Avengers driving to their new base. If you make it back by then, your inner bathroom Hulk should be OK to stay hidden.

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