The short answer... probably not. BUT... with that much money, he might get bored one day. He also might start thinking of really messed up things to do with his wealth. Heck, maybe he'll become a foodie, travel the world and eat anything and everything, until... the last thing he hasn't consumed or at least tried is human flesh and the great art of Leonardo da Vinci. Who am I kidding... by that point in time, I'm sure he will have tried human flesh!

What am I even talking about? Well, as heard on "Your Daily Dose of WTF" with Todd & Timmy, there's a petition on-line urging Bezos to "gobble da lisa". As of this post, the petition has gained 7,153 signatures with a goal of 75 hundred. Even if they do achieve the hopeful goal, it's highly unlikely that  Mr. Bezos will eat a little piece, let alone the whole Mona Lisa.

Nobody has eaten the mona lisa and we feel jeff bezos needs to take a stand and make this happen. - Kane Powell

The petition was started by Kane Powell and posted to reddit where it gain traction. One petition signer, Abhishek Ranjit, posted on the message board: "This is the most important petition in modern times. Jeff Bezos needs to eat the Mona Lisa to save the world." While another poster Zach Perkins commented: "The Mona Lisa has been undigested for too long."

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I've signed it... will you? Even if you don't care to see Jeff Bezos eat the estimated $60.9 billion dollar work of art, that currently calls the Louvre museum in Paris home. You should download our FREE Mobile KATS App, that way you can be up to date with any news of the weird, or stories that make you go... WTF!

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