The fishing has been great, so yep, that means the quota for white sturgeon is close to being met on the Columbia River.

The Dalles Pool closed back on January 20.

The Bonneville Pool closed this weekend on February 4.

The area that is most popular with Yakima-area anglers where Highway 97 comes out past Goldendale, known as the John Day Pool, will close in a matter of days.

Anglers have until February 12 to find a keeper in the John Day and McNary pools.

Which probably won't take you very long once you make the drive and drop a line in the water.

Yes, technically speaking there is still a catch and release policy that means you can still fish for sturgeon in the areas closed for retention.

However, I kind of question that logic considering that if you happen to catch a non-keeper female that has eggs, the stress from the catch and release often leads to her just reabsorbing the eggs from all the stress.

Not to mention the toll all the damn netting is having on all species.

My advice is that if you truly love catching keepers, don't participate in the sturgeon catch and release fishery.

Besides, walleye fishing has been on fire and the catfish are already active with this warm weather we've been experiencing.

There are no catch limits on catfish and walleye.

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