Wolfgang Van Halen announced his first solo concert as Mammoth WVH: a performance at the 2021 Aftershock Festival.

The former Van Halen bassist will play the final night of the event, which is currently scheduled to run Oct. 7 through Oct. 10 in Sacramento.

Other acts scheduled for the fest include Metallica, Mastodon, Social Distortion, Limp Bizkit, the Offspring, My Chemical Romance, Rancid, Seether, Machine Gun Kelly, Rise Against and Pennywise.

General admission and VIP passes, both in single- and three-day configurations, are available to purchase at the Aftershock site. Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted the news, writing, "See you at @AFTERSHOCKSAC with @MammothWVH in 2021!"

The musician recently debuted his first solo single, "Distance," which honored his late father, Eddie Van Halen. The Mammoth WVH name is a nod to his dad's pre-Van Halen band Mammoth.

Wolfgang — who will release his debut LP in 2021 — spoke to UCR about his musical evolution, noting that he was largely self-taught, though his dad offered "little lessons here and there."

"He never really tried to push me into any direction," he said. "I think the only thing he really introduced to me was AC/DC - the album Powerage was a big bond for us. 'Down Payment Blues,' that was my dad's and my favorite song. But from there I kind of developed my own taste. I was really into Blink-182. I played Enema of the State nonstop - that's how I learned the drums. It wasn't until maybe I discovered Tool that I started to see an improvement in my skills by trying to play like Danny Carey."


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