Tattoos can hold many meanings for the wearer. But when the tattoo artist makes a mistake, you usually go out of your way to FIX IT! Either demanding the original artist make it right, or even finding a new ink shop. I guess that's not the way they do it in Sweden. A woman got her kids' names put permanently on her body so she will always remember Nova and Kevin ... except the skin artist got a little too letter happy and put an L in her son's name.

She couldn't afford surgery, according to NPR, so she just left it until the name Kelvin started to grow on her. She then realized it'd be easier (and I'm sure less painful) to just rename her kid. Little Kelvin is only 2 years old and will now have an interesting story behind his name.

Friend: "How'd you get that name?"

Kelvin: "My mom's cheap."

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