Scientists in Japan have created a new type of alarm to help with productivity! In short, it can monitor your brainwaves and prevents you from zoning out and daydreaming. When you go into "La La Land," it'll sense it and play an alarm to snap you out of it. They hope people will WANT to use it, although I fear employers may make it part of the job/uniform.

Now, I know what I daydream about. It all depends on my interests at the time. If I'm reading a good book or playing a game, my thoughts and dreams will center around those topics. Who hasn't daydreamed of winning it big when the lotto is in the news? Heck, I already know what I'd do with my winnings, two words: Bowling Alley. I asked Yakima what they had daydreamed about.


Of course, the topic of sex and intimacy came up several times. Going on vacation and FOOD were also popular! When you think about it, is there anything else? Do you want to daydream about work while you're at work? That'd be called a "Daymare."

A.D.I.D.A.S. – Roger Saux


A.D.I.D.A.R. (The R stands for racons). – Sandra Rodriguez

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Some zone out and think of the world as a whole. Some mock when they daydream, while others think of the great things that can happen.

"What new pronouns will be thought up today?" – Justin Kandarian


World Peace. For real! & Being able to eat whatever the hell I want without gaining weight or becoming diabetic." – Ginger Sparks

Some choose to use the daydreaming time to think about ways to use their personal time!

"Getting time with my daughter." – James jeffs.


"Sleep" – Billy Lea

What do you dream about? Whether it's on the job or at home in a bed. Tap the app and let us know. Would you be interested in the daydreaming alarm watch from Japan? Would you wear it? Or do you think it is another wasted invention? Let us know.

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