When I first saw the video (below) of a Tesla electric vehicle detecting SOMETHING, believed to be ghosts at a graveyard, I was skeptical. With so many experts who have specialized equipment, special cameras, EVP equipment, someone with a certain car can prove the existence of life after death? I wanted to try it myself.

Some of the issues I have with the FIRST video that I have seen dealing with ghost busting in a graveyard with a Tesla, was that the camera was focused on the screen, and the people filming it were screaming, laughing, being more noisy than informative.

There have been a couple others that have done a better job (IMO), which made me want to give this experiment a try on my own. So I reached out to all of my friends to see who had a Tesla and who would want help me in an experiment!

My friends Joe & Sharon Adams got back to me and they were on board, so we set out to see what their Tesla Model 3 could find this past Saturday night.


We visited two different cemeteries in Central Washington. One where visiting hours are 24 hours (at least the gates stayed open late), and the other one, where the ground was too snow packed and damp that we didn't want to risk getting the car stuck. Take a look at our quick video from the first cemetery.

As you can see from the video, we didn't have any luck. We did witness road cones, park benches, and garbage cans. I asked Joe if his Tesla picked up animals or bugs etc. "Nope," was his reply. We did have Sharon walk around the vehicle so I could see the little person on the screen, although with his car, she wasn't popping up all the time. Maybe because we were parked, or because she wasn't close enough?

Final Thoughts On The Washington Tesla Ghost Hunting Test

Can the Tesla detect ghosts? Maybe. I don't think we caught anything. The little blips that we saw (in that video above) I'm sure was either the snow or a little memorial flag. Could the cemeteries we visited NOT BE HAUNTED? Maybe. I like to think the souls would make their way to the other side, and that particular place was a peaceful haven for the living and the dead.


Did we not go late enough? Our experiment was at 6:30p, and the "Witching Hour" is from 3 to 4 am. So, maybe we just don't party late enough for ghosts? Could those other videos be fake, and the car has no such abilities? I'd like to think the people who uploaded the videos are being sincere, maybe their cars had an electrical glitch, and that explains all that they saw. All I know, is my friends and I agreed to do a 2nd test later this summer, and later at night.


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