The weirdest part about Coronavirus or COVID-19 is just all the information there is. Just when you know the facts, they change the facts. In the beginning, which seemed like forever ago, but in fact was only 3 to 19 months ago, we were told don't wear masks, the healthcare field needs them. Only wear them if you are at high risk of catching or spreading. Save resources! But then the news changed and we all have to wear masks. The people who are against it see a bigger picture about governmental manipulation through control and fear. Others see it as a way to keep people safer no matter what.

Just when you think you know something, someone who read something else yells at you. For instance, I (while wearing my cloth mask that was approved by CDC) got a very nice lecture how I might as well wipe my face on everything, because I wasn't wearing the RIGHT kind of mask. This was at the gas station pumping gas into my car. Luckily to get the person to stop talking to me, I just took the nozzle out of my car's gas tank, held it up to my masked nose, and pretended like I took a big inhale of the fumes. He left me alone.

It got me thinking, with all the information flying at us at the speed of light, from all different sources, how do we know what one is best. I then remembered what my teachers use to tell me, the correct answer is usually the first one you think of. So, by that logic, the earliest information should be the most correct when it comes to all things in life. But what about Coronavirus? Do we do the steps we learned last month, back in March, or back last year? Well after doing some digging, I found that, at least according to the YouTube page CheeksProductions, Coronavirus has been around for decades, in fact, hitting England first in the 1970's. It was so bad, that a Public Informational Film was created. I felt I needed to share this video with you, so please check it out below:

Good, I feel much more informed. By the way, if you can not tell that this is a work of satire and parody, just know that it is. If you are offended by this video, remember, no one is getting out of life alive! Try to laugh once in a while, if nothing else, it'll help lower your blood pressure.

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