I love working in radio. I've got to meet celebrities, I've shook hands with all of my favorite bands, I get hooked up with concert tickets. Working in radio certainly has its perks as does many other jobs. When I worked at (the now closed) Video Update on 24th and Nob Hill I got all the free movie and video game rentals I wanted. When I worked at Rite Aid I got a cash discount from any Rite Aid store around the country. This got me thinking of other jobs and the great perks they must have. Here are a few.

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    Yakima Cinemas

    Perk: Free Movies

    My friend, Crystal, was telling me when she worked at Mercy Theaters (Uptown Plaza) in high school, she got into all of the movies free, plus discounted concessions food. To her, it was the best job ever.

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    School Teacher

    Perk: Paid Summer's Off

    I grew up with both of my parents working for the school district. It was nice to have them home during Summer vacation as well as spring break and the two weeks in Winter.

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    School Coach

    Perk: "Coaches Eat Free" at Miner's Restaurant

    I was always jealous of that sign. At Miner's and Major's if you bring your team in the Coach gets to eat for free while all the students have to pay for their own. All the more reason to do a good job and become a coach yourself.

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    Perk: Free Beer

    In what could be the greatest perk of all time, if you happen to score yourself a job as a brewer, that means someone is paying you to drink beer. Drinking beer is something I've been doing for many years for free. If I could get paid to do something like that, I'd be in heaven.

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    Perk: Shoot Stuff

    When I was asking my friends about the great perks and benefits they have at their job, my military friend simply said "I get to shoot things for free." You can't go wrong there!

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