What would men like to look at all day besides their computer screen? Women's boobs! Of course they should, so why not have just a little bit extra there to look at? In Russia, they have introduced the best way yet to advertise and target men -- or the female who likes females. What do you think they call this service?'Tittygram' ... and why not?

The service opened up at the end of March and they are happy to report that they have already signed up dozens of local businesses. Those customers include financial apps 'Rocketbank' and 'Touchbank,' and the hotel booking company 'Hotellook.'

'Tittygram' hired women for 88 bucks a day to use the space on their boobies. The price of an ad ranges from $7-$10 for up to 35 words.

This is a fantastic way to advertise. If the woman wants to use her awesome breasts as advertising then she should. If you feel it is sexiest, then do not use the service and have a nice day! Hooray for 'BOOBIES!'