Your Adorable WA Pet Could Become America's ‘Next Top Dog Model’

Dang, I just found out that this model contest is just for dogs! That’s really RUFF. It is also not fair because I have a very photogenic black kitty cat named Fluffy who would make a great finalist in this pet modeling competition from Bark Food

My little Fluffy coulda been a contender!


Bark is doing a contest to find a cute pup to give a ton of prizes to. There is no reason why a dog from Washington couldn’t make it to the finals and become America’s Next Top Dog Model! They are looking for specific types of dog breeds so if you have one of these breeds, you should either hire a pet photographer for “headshots” or send in a candid pic of your poochie.

“Goofy, derpy, zesty good boys and girls who are (or mixes of) the following breeds:




Pit Bulls




German Shepards

Golden Retrievers

Doodles.” - Bark Food


Hmm, I didn’t see Yorkies on the list. My neighbor has the CAYUTEST little Yorkshire Terrier named Yoshi. He would be perfect as America’s next top doggie model. That’s if he could sit still long enough for a photo. I have several pics of Yoshi in my phone that are all blurry because he moves at the speed of lightning. Perhaps that is why BARK didn’t list Yorkies on the list!

If you feel that your doggie deserves a big break to become a supermodel, you can click here for more info. Let’s get a Washington state winner! 

Here are some other modeling competitions for dogs that you can enter in the coming year (2023):

American Kennel Club


Orvis Cover Dog Photo Promotion

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