Two things I love are video games and comic books. In a weird twist when a comic turns video game, then the video game turns into a comic - it's almost like making a copy of a copy of a copy. Most of the time it gets diluted but this is one I absolutely can't wait until May for. Especially because it's written by the guy who wrote Batman: The Animated Series A.K.A. one of the best cartoons of all time.

Each issue of the miniseries will be available day-and-date digitally worldwide for $2.99 each. These releases will alternate with 8-page digital-first interludes that will expand on the story included in the miniseries. Written by Dini and drawn by a variety of artists, these digital stories will focus on The Dark Knight’s many enemies as they vie for power in this new city within a city. Each eight-page digital-first interlude will be available for .99 cents, releasing in between issues of the miniseries, and will later be included in print in the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY collected edition.

(via DC Comics PR)