A horse walks into a pool. The homeowner says, “Why the long face...AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY POOL?”


This summer has been an extremely hot one in Yakima County. We saw temperatures reach over 107 degrees on some days. Needless to say, it was a brutal summer. That is why we really don’t blame this adorable horse for taking a dip in a Yakima County resident’s pool.

A picture of the pretty horse cooling itself off in a pool was taken by the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office and posted to their Facebook page. The picture of the adorable horse in the pool has already been shared some 558 times! The light golden brown horse with a chestnut streams of hair on the top of its head was seen taking a pool dip in the backyard of a residential neighborhood in Yakima County in September 2022.

A source at the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said that the horse did not belong to the homeowner so they called the sheriffs to help them get the horse out of their pool. No word on how the horse managed to get in the homeowner’s backyard and into the pool.

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Some of the hilarious comments from local Yakima County residents on the Facebook post made my day.

“Is that horse breaking the law in Yakima???” - Danny

“That gives me traumatic memories of The Never Ending Story” - Bryce


“They are like "look people we get hot too." "So chill out ok." - Letitia
“Looks like it skinny dipping. LOL” - Mary

If you happen to see a horse in the pool in your backyard, give the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office a call at (509) 574-2500 or visit their website here. If you are looking for a job at the Yakima County Sheriff's Office, they are currently accepting applications for a Law Enforcement Dispatcher. Click here to apply.

And now for a final bad horse pun joke we saw on the internet: “That horse is so pretty. Maybe it’s born with it? Maybe it’s neighhhbelline!"

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