If you needed something else to do while you're stuck at home in quarantine, a Japanese developer named Sato created an AI that can take our photos & make them fancy. It's called AI Gahuku. It's simple, and the results... are mixed. Some of the pictures used as examples are of Benedict Cumberbatch & Kim Jong-un come out as beautiful classy representations from the golden-age of the arts. But Todd & Timmy's picture no so much!

Todd & Painting

As you can see, Todd's recreation looks much like the piano player from the band, The Hold Steady, Franz Nicolay. Where as, Timmy's takes a much more horror driven inspiration, Uncle Fester mixed with Nosferatu!


The photo generator is free, and is sure to kill lots of time and evoke some laughs & nightmares! Check it out at https://ai-art.tokyo/en/#/.

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