My friend, who is a gun aficionado, once told me, "Never add up how much money you spent on your hobby!" That is the smartest life hack I have ever heard. Sadly, when you look at your credit card statement, or check your bank account, the stupid banks has no problem adding it up for you, and on top of that, charging you a small service fee just for adding it up! The picture above is maybe a quarter of my comic book collection. Those (which are books in front of books) are many that I have bought since the beginning of the pandemic (we all have our ways that helped us cope). Thank goodness I have a very understanding wife, and no kids. When I saw how much I had spent, I told her, "hun... I have a problem. But lack of anything to read is not it!"

In the Yakima Valley, we don't have many choices to get comic books. I've seen them at Walmart & Target, but that's usually not where to get collectable type stuff. When they do have them, it's usually just whatever is new and or in bulk that Marvel or DC is pushing that week. So I do a lot of my comic hunting, especially trades (also known as graphic novels), on-line. You know the usual places, Amazon, Ebay, and some others. Locally though, I've dropped quite the heavy penny at Ron's Coin & Collectables. Every week I've been going in there and getting the new single issues (aka: floppies). I've noticed the prices have gone up!


When I was voicing my thoughts out loud about the cost of floppies (anywhere from $3.99 to $8.99, even higher if it's a variant cover), I was informed that I can save some money this Saturday (May 15th). Let me state this clear and simple, I was not paid anything to pass this info on, I just know that comics have hurt my wallet, and I know I'm not the only one. So if you are looking to get back into reading, or see where all these big screen TV shows & movies now days are coming from, this might be the day for you to go in and score 50% off floppies, including what's called the back issues & dollar issues (select titles). Sadly, if you're thinking of getting Detective Comics #27 (Batman first appearance) or Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man first appearance) at a discount, well that would be an amazing fantasy!


I don't have any plans to stop collecting. My bills are paid, my wife doesn't seem too mad at me, I don't have any children I need to support, I do help out and contribute to charities, so, why not  continue to hurt my wallet! If you don't believe me, take a closer look at my Nerd Nook!

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