When it comes to online porn, the internet has no shortage of good sites to check out... YouPorn, PornHub, PornTube, XNXX, SitOnMyFaceBook, YouTwitFace etc. etc. But only one site (that's making news) will actually give you a Cyber STD (Computer Virus)... and that's RedTube.com!

It got the "Fake Agent" or "Casting Couch" routine pulled on it... in other words, HACKED! Much like an unchecked porn star, it was infecting visitors with identity-stealing malware. And just like most STD's, you have no idea until later on when the computer itching and scratching sets in.

In fact it was so invisible to the naked eye (and pantsless body) that unless you were looking at the source code for RedTube's main page, you wouldn't have noticed... but looking at a source code of a porn website is like reading playboy for the articles... IT NEVER HAPPENS!

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