Once upon a time, Todd told me, "I like the Charms, I don't like the Luckies." It's not doubt that marshmallows in breakfast cereal enhances everything from flavor to texture to color. You can imagine how much I freaked out when you could buy just a bag full of cereal marshmallows.

These marshmallows are like any dehydrated marshmallows that give your cereal a little blast of color and sweetness. You can add them to anything from boring cereals like Grape Nuts or Cheerios to awesome cereals to make them more awesome like Coco Puffs and Cap'n Crunch - and I have!

The inevitable was bound to happen. Just a bowl of nothing but marshmallows. It's something I've always wanted to do since I was a kid. Now that I can, I was a little intimidated by it.

As it turns out, it's not bad. It's not 'a balanced part of this complete breakfast' but it was far better than I expected.

And it doesn't stop at cereal. I made some brownies incorporating these cereal marshmallows into the batter. They blended right in to make them better! I haven't done it yet, but I want to make white cupcakes so they have these blasts of color in them. Maybe even put some cereal marshmallows on top so they become lightly toasted like any toasted marshmallow.

So I'm going to keep having fun with these. If you have any ideas you'd like me to try, leave them in the comments below. Or, better yet, if you want to order your own you can get them online here.