Today is one of my favorite holidays. I have to say "one of" because pretty much any holiday where I get presents, a day off, candy, a barbecue, or the chance to do nothing is a holiday for me. But with Ash Wednesday being on February 22nd, that can only mean that Tuesday is Fat Tuesday!

Now, Fat Tuesday (or, as the PC people may call it, Obesity Tuesday), also known as Shrove Tuesday & Mardi Gras, is one of those often overlooked holidays. Many traditions fall on today. Most of which deal with eating food and getting beads by any means. However, the act of getting beads is not an original tradition. Yep, no flashing for the French!

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A little History Lesson For Fat Tuesday

According to National Day Calendar, the act of a big feast just before the season of Lent has been happening for centuries. This helped use up valuable supplies and meat and prepare for the fasting that would come. Nowadays, thanks to time and culture, traditions have varied big time and have pretty much turned into regional customs.

How Do you Celebrate Fat Tuesday?

Sadly, it seems like you would celebrate today the same way many of us celebrate every day. Eat richer, fattier foods. So a typical Tuesday. Eat hardy, eat well. if you go out to eat, remember to be nice to the wait staff and workers at the restaurant. And remember to TIP (and not with beads). Now if you choose to celebrate Shrove Tuesday instead, replace the richer, fattier foods with pancakes. (Thank you, Google).

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