Robot fighting = Awesome! Animal Fighting = Not So Much! According to YouTube, both are cruel! It appears that the video site has been removing content dealing with the likes of "BattleBots", a robot-fighting series as well as other "non-living" combatants going at it.

First noticed by YouTuber "Maker's Muse", it looked to be a type of algorithm that YouTube was using when removing the videos. Many of the robots are named after animals and that might have come into play. Many of the contestants have commented how many of their videos were removed and emails sent to them by YouTube stating that videos of animals being forced to fight are not permitted on the site. Since coming to YouTube's attention, the videos have been reinstated and notes that anyone can challenge the removal.

If you've never seen BattleBots, it is epic! But if you think about it, the banning of the videos do make sense. It's an artificial intelligence scanning the videos for content that might be harmful. If you were a robot, and you saw videos of robots killing robots with the meat bags (humans) cheering, you might want them banned too! This is how the upcoming robot uprising starts, we've seen it before in the Terminator & Matrix film series. Skynet is is coming!

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