I wonder if Star Trek's Prime Directive included anything about messing with bank accounts while you're in orbit? If not, it should. NASA is investigating what is looking to be the first-ever occurrence of a "space crime"!

Astronaut Anne McClain accessed her estranged spouse's bank account, while she was aboard the International Space Station ... you know, in outer space! McClain, who is now back on Earth, has admitted via Twitter that she did access the account of Summer Worden (an Air Force intelligence officer and her estranged spouse), but denied any ulterior motive.

The estranged spouse didn't see things the same way. Worden filed a complaint with NASA's Office of Inspector & the U.S. Federal Trade Commission claiming identity theft and improper access to private financial records.

When it comes down to it, this is a simple case of ID theft, but when space is brought into it, it sounds more epic! Especially when you take into account that the International Space Station is shared by Canada, Japan, Russia, the EU & the U.S. Astronauts are subject to the laws based on the country of their citizenship. This looks to be the first "space crime," but, don't look for it to be the last -- especially with the future of space tourism getting closer and closer.

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