I have been saying it for years! There is no way that we are alone in this universe. NASA is finding more clues every single day that point that direction. Last week, a U.S. spacecraft scouted Pluto and found vast plains and icy mountains that held water.

Now NASA's talking about Kepler 452b, a newly discovered "Earth-like" planet.What is so interesting to me is that NASA barely gets the data to support their theories about Pluto and only five days later they're already onto this new planet. The data they have says that Kepler 452b rotates around something that looks like our sun every 385 days and has rocky terrain.

Oh, but did I mention that it is 1,400 light years from Earth?

OK, I am excited that NASA is rocking it nowadays, but in the words of Randy Quaid, "I have been saying it, haven't I been saying it for ten damn years!"

I can't wait to see what else NASA finds! They have probably already met someone from another planet -- so the Area 51 stories don't sound so stupid now!

Check out NASA's findings. Are they trying to steal Stephen Hawking's thunder or are they all really working together?

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