Imagine you and your loved one participating in some 21st century kinky play. Sure you can bring toys into the bedroom no problem, but that's not futuristic enough for you. You want to bone in the times of Star Trek! You wanna get your digital freak on, so you get a special toy, the one that is used with an app installed onto your phone. You get everything in place, turn on your APP and oh no... someone hacked it! Just when you thought you were going to be kinky in the digital age with out your credit card! Your genital jail cell was hacked, and your manhood will not be released, until you pay!

The "World's first app-controlled chastity device" named the Qiui Cellmate is allegedly used by tens of thousands of people around the world and has been cyber hacked! What is the Cellmate? In short, you wear it with your penis inside a metal tube (preventing an erection). It then can be locked or freed by connecting the toy to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth. A partner (or yourself if your into self kink.. no kink-shaming here) then have complete control with a tap of the app.

According to Motherboard, a hacker found a flaw in the password encryption and has attempted to trap people using the chastity cages (or genital jails) and demand a ransom. There have reportedly been several victims of the hack with one person saying they received the message "Your cock is mine now." Bitcoin cryptocurrency to the tune of $750 worth was the demand by the hacker. If received they "would consider" releasing the Cellmate. Luckily none of the victims were wearing the device at the time of hack.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The security issue was first found back in October of last year by the British cyber security firm called Pen Test Partners. The worst part of this hack, is there is no actual physical unlock on the device, it's all controlled via the app. No information on if the China-based firm, Qiui plans to update the security issue.

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